Nuran Aksu has a work experience more than 15 years on Corporate reputation management and impacts on business results and overall performance of the company’s strategic research and stakeholder management and KPI Ms. Aksu graduated from Istanbul University, Department of Advertising and Research. Ms. Nuran Aksu also had an education on Human Psychology and Behavioral Sciences training.

Aksu started her business life in 1999 at StatejiMORI in the field of Research .

As of the year 2003, Aksu involved the Research Company GfK in the field of strategic studies From 2006 – 2015 she has worked as director of research and strategic research consultant at the same company .
Currently, Nuran Aksu is Advisory Director member of RepMan Reputation Research Center and as of the year 2015 she works on reputation, perception, ethics, sustainability, stakeholder management and employee brand areas.

She is member of Turkish Researchers’ Association (TUAD) she was member of Ethics Committe and at the same time she is an instructor for the Reputation and Perception Management .

Aksu has been a guest instructor at various educational institutions sharing her knowledge.