Mr. Yardımlı drop his Engineering (ODTU) and Medical education and went Norway. In Norway, he finished Mathematics, Informatics and Philosophy departments. (he holds Grunfag and Mellomfag degrees in philosophy).

To maintain the works apart from the corporate concerns
of Academy and perform more free, productive and efficiently way, he established IDEA Yayınevi in Istanbul in 1986. In addition to James Clerk Maxwell, Einstein, Newton’s background studies he also translates over the 50 significant work with Sigmund Freud’s Metapsychology.

Moreover, he translates Descartes’s “Söylem, Kurallar ve Meditasyonlar” from Latin and French, Spinoza’s Ethica from Latin, Kant’s Prolegomena, Science of Logic, Ansiklopedik Mantık Bilimi (Küçük Mantık), Lectures on the Philosophy of World History, Tüze Felsefesi and also, Martin Heidegger’s “Being and Time” from German, Rousseau’s The Social Contract from French to Turkish. Mr. Yardımlı maintains his work and activities with friends in NOESIS FELSEFE ATOLYESI.