Arb. Av. Hakan Öztatar Etik Zirvesi 2016ATT. MED. HAKAN ÖZTATAR


Mr. Öztatar got his Bachelor degree from Istanbul University Faculty of Law in 1999. He performed judgeship of Karaman, Baskil and Finike from 2002 until 2011. He was an Investigating Judge at The Ministry of Justice General Directorate of Legal Affairs from 2011 until 2013, and is currently conducting the Head of Department of Mediation from 2013 onwards.

Mr. Öztatar has been a featured speaker at the Raising Awareness Seminars themed in Mediation in Commercial Disputes held by TESK and TOBB in more than 15 cities in Turkey. He also payed official visits and held official talks on mediation in Sweden, Austria and U.K., representing Turkey.

Mr. Öztatar gave lectures at the Justice Academy on Civil Procedure Law Secondary Regulations (2011), Civil Procedure Law Enforcement Course (2012), Clerk’s Office Legislation Courses (2011-2012-2013) and Trial Costs and Fees (2013).

Mr. Öztatar’s areas of expertise are Mediation as a Friendly Settlement Method, Appeal for the Sake of Law, By-law on Licensed Trustee Repositories, By-law on Regulating Expertise Lists in Civil Courts, Advance on Expenses, Witness Fee, Expert and Arbitrator Tariffs, By-law on Execution and Bankruptcy Law, By-law on Notification Law and By-law on Mediation in Legal Disputes Law.

Mr. Öztatar was also part of the team that prepared the By-law of Code of Civil Procedure.